Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time off!

Well, I went to my family physician today and she is keeping me off of work until Friday...I still have a nasty bump on my head and my lower back is painful but I am doing fine.. Thanks to all who ushered up a prayer for me..God listened...

I stopped at Crafts 2000 on the way home to use up my gift card from Christmas and get some tape runners in case I got snowed in. I lucked into some Basic Grey papers for 33 cents each. Four different patterned papers in the Pheobe line.. Japanese Tea Garden, Angel Island, The Presidio and Golden Gate Bridge Park. I also got three PP in the Blush line..Admire, Charmed and Be Mine. All very lovely papers.

You know, I am not a name dropper and I couldn't tell you who made what on my layouts but I can recognize Basic Grey papers and Bazzil cardstock...They are just really good quality. I may kit these up for retreat in March.

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