Friday, July 29, 2011

God's Promises Blog Hop

www.createoften.blogspot.comWelcome to the God's Promises Faith Blog Hop.  If you arrived here from Diane - you are in the right place.  If you just arrived at my blog, you should go to Paper Tree House Studio ( in order to start at the beginning.  Every month a group of brave women get together to showcase the Glory of God.  This month we want to showcase His faithfulness during trying times, so kick back, relax and let the Lord touch your heart with His Truth!

Did you know that there are 1260 promises in the Bible?  I did not count them myself, but am blown away by the fact that each and every promise the Lord gives, He is faithful to fulfill.  It is pretty easy to believe this when times are easy and abundance surrounds our lives, but is that the same when trouble hits?

The Bible says that our hearts are deceitful above all things and then it adds WHO CAN TRUST IT? Have you ever considered that maybe the reason why we don't trust God is because we spend more time looking at how big the waves in our lives have become and forget that God created the entire UNIVERSE with just His breath...  Think about it, the Lord spoke the ENTIRE World into existence... the only thing created that was made with His hands was man and woman.  That is why He says that if He provides for the birds and the plants, how much more to His children?  You are precious to the Lord and He will not fail you, even when it feels He might.

In this hop you will read the stories of women like you that have faced trouble and probably even lacked the faith to believe in the miracle the Lord performed at the very end! Our prayer is that you would open your heart to the Truth found in these promises and that you would even share with us what God has done in your life.  Your victory may become our hope... :)

During the hop you will find many chances to win prizes! All you have to do to be considered for one of those prizes is leave a comment and become a follower of the blogs you will hop through.  For the Grand Prizes , make sure to leave a comment, become a follower, and "LIKE" Paper Tree House on Facebook.  This will allow you to find out about future hops we will be having.

Here are the brave women that dared to share their stories:

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Nana -
Tammy -
Susan - http://susanascorner.blogs​ 
Candy -
Amanda -
Wendy -
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Diane -
Vicki -
Lynne Kirsch  ---
Carolyn Phillips -
ScrappyZeni Pradel ---

Grand Prizes:

Stamping Things: The Topper Ink Pad Holder (
Paper Tree House Studio: Exclusive PDF file tutorial for Mini-Book Taught at CHA.
K Andrew Stamps: Stamp Set
Tombow: Grand Adhesive Set

God's Fulfilled Promise in my life:
I married at age 17, five days out of high school and moved 75 miles away.  Many people wanted to think the worst of me because I was a professing Christian, so the thought was that I must have been pregnant when I married..that was not the case.   Having been told by three physicians that I would never have children , we put our names on the adoption list.. Seven years later we decided to move back to my home town.  Jim's parents had both passed away , it appeared that we would not be adopting so back we came to Springfield.  I had prayed so hard for a baby but God just kept saying  "No" or at least "Not at this time".

The couple we purchased our home from had experienced infertility issues and had found a doctor who successfully helped them have two children.  I hesitated for a long time because I didn't want to be told no again but eventually visited this man.  He examined me and assured me that in 5 months I would be pregnant.  Amazingly 5 months later I was pregnant with Luke.  I was sooo grateful to God..Not sure why He made us wait so long but I do know that God's timing is perfect and as frustrated as I get waiting He always comes through.. 

I believe that God orchestrated the entire scenario...from moving to Cincinnati, waiting the 11 years and sending us back to Springfield, directing us to the home we were to buy that just happened to be owned by a couple who would lead us to the doctor who would be used by God to help us have a child.  The fun part of asking God for something, be it a need or a want is just sitting back and watching how He works it all out!

This is the layout I did of my son:  I was a very new scrapper then...:)

This is the layout of my son holding his son.  God is so good!  All the time!

I will be putting together a gift pack of embellishments as blog candy so please become a follower and leave me a comment.  This is my first time participating in this aspect of a blog hop so I pray it does what it is supposed to do....God Bless You.....

Thanks for hopping through this faith hop.  Know that we are praying for you and really hope your eyes are opened to the Truth about the Lord's Faithfulness! :)

Your next stop is Lynne Kirsch  ---
 Love in Christ,  Vicki

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blog Hop going on!!   Check this out..:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I am not the one running the blog..I just copied and pasted the info for anyone who is interested and I put the web address at the bottom of the post.  That is where you need to respond if you copy and put on your blog for the extra entry.. Sorry if it was confusing...

Let's Get Cricky With It Blog Hop starts Friday!!

It's a "Let's Get Cricky" Blog Hop 
YOU are invited!!

When: This Friday, July 15th beginning at 9pm EST (6pm PST) and continuing through Sunday...
Why: To support our fallen HEROES...  We will each be featuring special "Thank You" cards to be delivered during the "Run for the Fallen" in Maine...
"Run for the Fallen Maine is an organization dedicated to keeping alive the memory of our military heroes that gave their lives to protect our freedom since September 11, 2001.

On Sunday August 21, 2011 the 4th run to honor our heroes will be held. This is a 65 kilometer event with each kilometer being dedicated to the memory of one of our heroes that lived in Maine, had family from Maine or had some ties to our home State."
One of our Design Team Sisters, Rebecca of The Crafting Misfit, will be hand-delivering these cards during this very special event...  If you would like to help support this cause, there will be an opportunity for you to also make a card for the event (stop back on Friday for all the details)...  The organization is also accepting donations for the event.  You can find more information about donating by clicking HERE...
Where: Begins at Getting Cricky with K Andrew and includes the Design Team and a Special Guest...
What to bring: YOU!!  Of course, sharing this special occasion with others is welcome and appreciated!!
RSVP:  Leave a comment HERE to let me know you'll be attending for an EXTRA chance in my Blog Hop Giveaway!!  :) 

I'll have a special selection of card-making supplies for one lucky WINNER who hops in to visit this weekend (beginning Friday, July 15th at 9pm EST) for the "Let's Get Cricky With It" Blog Hop!!  Simply leave a comment on this post for an EXTRA chance to WIN!!  

**Share the details of this event on your blog or facebook page for an ADDITIONAL chance to win (leave an extra comment letting me know you did).**
Notify here @  

Sunday, July 10, 2011

OK..I need to prioritize!

I worked yesterday so that is definitely a priority!  We started the Special Olympics Summer Bowling league and had 37 bowlers.  We only had 41 the entire season last year..Many were at an outing at the pool yesterday so I am expecting many more next week.  So that was productive... however

I spent much of yesterday and Friday on blog hops!  LOL  I am so totally addicted to those things!  It is so much fun to see others creativity and get ideas for my own cards or scrap pages.  So today I am going to concentrate on getting my patio cleaned and organized so I can sit out there.  I bought a new table at a garage sale yesterday that I am going to put out there.  It is about 5 x  1/2 and is perfect for working on cards when the humidity cooperates..:)  So I am anxious to get it put together and the patio cleaned.

 I am hoping to start posting items that I am working on but I need to get my camera back from my son's house so I can take pics of the projects to post.  I see I gained 2 followers yesterday bringing my total to a whopping 13!!  LOL  But that should change in the near future.  Soo if you arrive here and you are finding it boring please stop back by..I am hoping that next week will kick start my creative juices and projects will appear..Thanks for being here..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blog Hops

Over the weekend I participated in blog hopping for the first time and not only that but I followed three separate blogs!  I had never participated before because I just couldn't wrap the concept around my head..I didn't read up on them because, well, I was afraid..yep afraid..  Fear is such a monster that cheats you out of sooo many blessings and fun.
Being a scrapbooker I have learned how to hide to ward off feelings of inadequacy and ignorance.  You see I bought a Cricut machine and before I could even begin to learn how to use it they came out with the Cricut Expression and then about 6 different other cutting machines.  Keep in mind that I was still hand punching with my QuicKutz that I absolutely loved!!  Then the Gypsy was released and before I could even pick a cartridge that I wanted they came out with dozens more.  Then the Cuttlebug, and Copics and , and, and..the list just came so fast that my head would spin and I would get overwhelmed and retreat into the safe corner of my mind and just not get involved with anything..To this day I still have no clue what all I can do with my original Cricut!
So when the blog hops started showing up I once again retreated so as to not feel stupid if I couldn't grasp the idea.  Self protection at it's finest!  In actuality I was cheating myself, not believing in my self and settling.  Why do I fear failure so much?  It really is no big deal..I should be able to learn these things and I am going to set out to succeed.
In the blogs this past weekend there were so many cards celebrating the July 4th holiday.  Never in my life do I remember sending or receiving a July 4th card!  Don't even remember seeing them on the shelves!  But I have to tell you I am excited about starting a new tradition!  And why not?  Our Nation's birthday is a big deal!  I am so excited to have learned about blogging , about dabbling in it and I am even going to be a participant in one soon!  And I am excited about my new found tradition.  Who knows, you may get one of my cards next year!!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm addicted!

I never really understood how blog hops worked therefore I never did any until...this past week when I thought what the heck, give it a try.  So I picked a hop and off I went.  It was fun to see multiple ladies projects usually based on a theme BUT it was even more fun when a computer generated program chose me to get the BIG BLOG CANDY!!  Before I knew it I had become the proud owner of an Elmer's Glue Prize Pack!  I was happy to hear that I had won, of course and I was anticipating a few products but you should have seen the look on my face when I opened that box!

Three Elmer's Craft Bond permanent tape runners
Two boxes Elmer's Craft Bond photo corners
One 18 pack of Elmer's Craft Bond neon glitter metallic gel pens
Three Elmer's Craft Bond extra strength huge glue sticks
One Elmer's Craft Bond package of glue spots
One bottle of Elmer's Craft Bond tacky glue
Three Elmer's Bi-Fold Foam Boards
Three X-acto Retractable # 1 craft knifes
One X-acto Circle Cutter
X-acto 4 pk Decorative Edge Scissors
X-acto 12 x 12 Self Healing Craft Mat
Elmer's 5 pack Opaque Paint Markers

Some of the individual ladies offer blog candy if you comment on their post and then become a follower of their blogs.  Well, I won one of those prizes too!!  A $10 gift card to Michael's!!!

Needless to say I am hooked on blog hops!  :)

I want to thank everyone involved who worked hard to put those blogs together.