Friday, December 5, 2008


I HATE THEM!!! I have had hives for nearly two weeks now. Not fun! They started when one of my clients was actively dying. I began to get concerned that I would not be able to move him due to his weight and my lifting limits. I didn't have to face that issue because he became comatose and we just did everything we could to keep him comfortable and clean.

His kids became angry with each other and I had to stay in that atmosphere because I was the caregiver. Not a fun place to be. He passed on Nov 24 two days before Thanksgiving. So that meant that I had to buy my groceries and cook for Thanksgiving and attend the funeral the next day. I also took on ordering the flowers for all the caregivers and almost missed the deadline! That would have been a disaster. As it was , I had to practically beg for my money from three of the girls. Now why would they agree to flowers and then not want to pay me?

Thanksgiving was good but by that time I was already broken out. I went to my client's home to help with the food and then came home exhausted. Now I have to deal with finding clients who will fill the 18 hours a week I am losing because of Roe's death. The fact is..I DON'T WANT to find a client. I would love nothing more than to stay here at home and clean this place up.

I also had three kittens that I could not find a home for. We tried all the shelters, put a sign in the yard, posted them on Craig's list and no one seemed to want them. Cute little buggers! So we had to keep them in my half bathroom because the dogs wanted to eat them. Every time you opened the door they wanted to run out and the chase began. Well, Kate and Annie found a farm to take them to so that is one more worry off of my mind. And I got my bathroom clean and sanatized!!

I ended up in ER getting two shots that helped me temporarily. The hives came back. SO I got two prescriptions that help but do nothing to get rid of them for good so I am off to the doctor today to see what can be done. I know that I have slept quite a bit but they are still here.

Christmas is just around the corner and most of my shopping is completed. I need to get my tree up but that is another story in it's self. I will accomplish it I know but for now I need to get to work. I have a client waiting. Have a great day!