Monday, January 12, 2009

Stupid is as Stupid does!! Forrest was right!

Last night I was excited because I had used color kits to complete 2 -two page layouts and a single one. I was eager to take the pic and upload it so I went into the kitchen because of better lighting. I laid the layout on my counter and got a chair to stand on..done it a hundred times before!! Well, I have a tiled floor on top of concrete. I assume you know where I am going with this tale....

Yep, that chair kicked out from under me while I was trying to take a pic of the layout and down I went..all 240 pounds hitting hard concrete! My head snapped forward after I busted it on the knob of the kitchen sink cabinet with yellow and white lights going birds, no stars... and I immediately had a lump the size of a soft ball. No exaggeration here kids. I could cup my hand over it and it filled my palm! My camera flew about 15 feet behind me and how it kept from breaking is beyond me.

I was in a group chat and apparently I came back and typed what I had done and then came back to type it not realizing that I had already done it. I put an ice bag on my head and stayed up for another hour and half waiting to see if I would get nauseous or blurry eyes but I didn't so I went to bed with ice on my head. I woke up so sore I could hardly move, got Julie ready for work and on the bus, and Annie off to school. Then Jim and I headed out to the hospital because I was feeling so much pressure and the fact that I am on Plavix and full aspirin concerned me there might be a bleed. Sure enough the CTscan showed something suspicious, could have been just calcium but they don't have neurosurgeons at our hospital so off I went to Dayton to Miami Valley by squad! Drama queen that I am.... Where was my camera???

Well, they did their own scans of my head, neck and my full spine because I have injured my lower back and tailbone as well. Fortunately they did not see the same thing, so no bleed, PTL! But I have spent this entire day in hospitals. Annie didn't mind sitting with me tho..We just kept eyeing the male nurses and resident physicians!! I have to tell you..made me kinda wish I was about 25 years younger!! Great eye candy!! Again..where was my camera???

So while I was laying there DH asks...why didn't you just lay the thing on the floor and take a picture that way....Hmmmm..THAT thought never crossed my mind but I guarantee you it will next time!! So I am home...sore as a boil and not sure how long it is going to take to heal. It is a good thing my partials were not in my mouth because I thought for sure I broke my fang teeth so I am sure the partials would have been history. Well, learn from my mistakes, kiddos!!
Forrest was right.."Stupid is as stupid does!"

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