Sunday, January 11, 2009

Color kit result!

I received a fall layout from Tammey as well and this is not going to make sense because my first post is now actually my second post. Maybe some day I will figure it out. So having said that, I was glad when I got my November color kit because I am also in a color challenge on another group and the color is Orange so I think this one qualifies. This of course is Nolan at the pumpkin patch in 2007 and if you look in the lower corner of the right page you will once again see one of Esther's Peek-a-boos!. So far I have done 7 two page and 2 single layouts!!

I'm still not feeling up to snuff but I had to get out of that bed and get moving. I thanked the Lord that I am pretty healthy because I don't know how I could live bedridden....

Anyway, I have finished another layout. I think this has me at 11 layouts for 11 days. I'll have to double check but I think that is right. I am in a color swap in a group with some pretty lovely ladies who are very talented. This layout came from Tammey and all I had to do was put the pics on and I added that little snow medallion.

The thing is these are pictures that may never have gotten scrapped. They are older and they are of a couple of residents that I worked with in an assisted living center. I have so many wonderful pics of so many incredible residents and now I have officially started that album thanks to Tammey and her creative genius!

Journaling reads: Two residents from The Inn at Fox Run returned to their childhood by playing in the snow and building a snow man. My Annie and Kim LeVan, activity director, assisted them in this playtime. Madeline Dilworth and Helen Schutte had a wonderful day!!

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