Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter BLog Hop 3/24

I love Easter! The air smells fresh, the trees have budded out, birds are everywhere and well, just the colors of Easter are fun! It is a time for family and celebrating our risen Savior! Sometimes it is hard to stay focused on the true meaning of Easter because society promotes the Easter Bunny and candy so much, but I think the Lord understands when we let the children play and have this fantasy. Life is so short and so HARD that childhood should be a time to enjoy. Responsibilities will come soon enough!

This 2 page layout is pre-Annie Leigh! She was my change of life baby and her pictures will come later. Luke and Katie loved hunting for eggs and coloring them as well. Even today, Luke, age 30 wants an Easter Basket! Well he is the one who confesses The others want one but they are just not vocal about it..:)

I wish all of my layouts looked like this one, however this was a class and not my creativity at all..It is fun tho..I love the fake stitching, the pop up pictures, I just love it all!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Which came first - scrapbooking or stamping blog hop 3/2

Memories In Tyme Blog Hop

Welcome to the Which came first - scrapbooking or stamping blog hop. This is a fun hop to see where everyone started and possibly ended up..:) You will want to start with Lynda's first to get the full visit..if you have arrived here from Rachel then you are in the right place. Here we go:

I was introduced to this new to me way of scrapping about 6 years ago, I guess. I had done some scrapbooking as a teenager but never the way it is done today. I just stuck what I wanted to hold onto into a book and scratched a few words and that was it. My cousin Gina started me into it. We would go to an actual scrapbook store! Who would have thought that there could be a store dedicated to nothing but scrap-booking and card making. There were no die cutting machines then, only QuiKutz, Sizzix and I absolutely fell in love with them! Now I have a Cricut machine that I cannot master, the original and everyone else has moved on to the Expression, Silhouette and so many more. Technology is moving at such a pace it is impossible for me to keep up.

To tell you about my first experience with scrapbooking I will show you my very first two pages. I had no idea what to do with it. I am not a creative person at all as far as thinking up something on my own. Now, I can take a page map and by the time I am finished it will look entirely different because my thought process is inspired by the map and then I can come up with some ideas of my own.

This is my first ever layout! It is of my son. I had no clue you could tear a paper from corner to corner and it would be ok and look I would never have thought that you could cut letters out of paper and then use the paper the letters were cut out of instead of the letters! HAHA!

After Regina got me hooked on scrapbooking she quit..I always tell people she dumped me for the Lord since she stopped scrapbooking to work in the music ministry. I guess if I were going to be dumped I would rather it be because of the Lord!!!

The journaling on the first layout is for both pages and it says: Look at those eyes! What a treat you were after waiting nearly 11 years for your arrival. Joe Stehle managed to capture you trying to figure out how the water fountain worked. The upper right corner is a sticker that says: Too Cute..knowing what I know now I would have put it on white paper so it would show up. I just realized as I was posting these pages that Luke is not the same age in Oh well, it is what it is..It is actually my first two layouts ever done and in the same evening.

This is more my style now I think..multiple patterned papers,cut in non-traditional shapes, same for the journal box. This is my son's first son, Nolan obviously at the pool. I think this is probably my favorite layout.

I would hope that you will stop long enough to leave me a comment. Good or bad and I would hope that you would leave some for each of my friends here as you visit their blogs. I'm thinking of some blog candy so you might want to take that moment to drop me a line.:)

From here you will want to visit Janet S. - but Amy has listed the entire group on Inlinkz making it really easy to follow along. Thanks Amy! Enjoy everyone.