Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Post # 3 My Birthday!

Annie made my card for my birthday and it is so cute! She has a knack for this stuff. I love how she made the money clip in the upper corner and I like how when you open the card the age is on a tag. It was a treat to receive it!

I had a great birthday! Received enough money to pay 3 maybe four payments on my cruise next spring! YEA! A scrapbooking cruise for SEVEN days!! I can't wait!

Jim got me these beautiful roses, carnations and lillies and Annie got me the carnations..Look at that yellow one!! Needless to say it smells great at my house!! LOL!

Well, thanks for letting me share all my stuff! I have had a great couple of days!!

Post # 2 for the day

I took the Ju-Ju out to catch her bus this morning and when I opened the door to come back in this caught my eye!! I don't know how we kept from knocking it off it is so close to the door but we didn't.
Anyone who knows me understands that nature fascinates think that this locust fit into that shell is just amazing. Because the wings are green I know that i has just hatched and is drying it's wings which will later turn black and at the bottom of each wing there will be lines that are in the shape of a "Z". If you look close you will see where the eyes were in the shell and the legs are so so thin. Yet it will take some care to pull the shell off of the is in for the long haul! lol.. A couple years ago I had taken one of my clients to the park and we were sitting in a double swing just enjoying the breeze when I looked down and saw something crawling out of the ground leaving behind a perfect circle hole! It was a locust and it began it's trek to the tree to develop it's shell so it's wings could form. As it approached the tree I noticed that the tree was covered with shells, some broken open, some still inside and yet others that had come out and were drying their new wings!! We got to see ALL the stages right there on that one tree!! It was incredible! Well, Rae Lynn wasn't amused but I sure was!! LOL!!
Each year when the kids were smaller they would take the empty shells into school for show and tell. The Lord knows that I love nature and he sends me treats all the time..For example..last week I was headed to Robert's and sitting outside the corn field in the tall grass was a RED FOX, bathing!! And then Monday I was standing at Kevin's kitchen sink looking out the window at the cornfield that backed up to their property and saw a very young Doe and right behind her were two Spotted Fawn!!! All of these live in my fences, no admission price, just running free....AWESOME!!!! Thank you Lord for your creations!

Where do I start? Post 1 for the day

OK..Let's do layouts from yesterday with my client Robert. I used a page kit from one of the color swaps that I did on ScrapbookingPizzaz for this first layout. Robert liked it so we went with it..He chose the green for the lettering and used my QuicKutz, Katie font, for it. He is very hands on with this scrapping and enjoys it so much. We already have 10 layouts in his album. The first layout is his certificate he received from his Special Olympics Track and Field season this year. How do you scrap those things? I had that paper that looks like either paneling or I thought it kinda looked like fencing so I scrapped it to look like a notice posted to a fence. He loved it and that is all that matters!! He uses my Fiskars to cut and he applies the adhesive too, all I really do is supervise. Did a good job didn't he?
I have a couple more things to share in my blog so there are going to be several posts today! Thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lots to show ya

I really don't like to have my picture taken but since I have gotten my teeth fixed and started dealing with reality I am getting more comfortable in my skin. These are my scrapping buddies, my clients, Kevin and Robert. They love to bowl so we go every Saturday. The Special Olympics league will start Sept. 26th and they are really looking forward to it!
Early this Spring I was stepping off my son's porch and was shocked to see a pumpkin plant growing! It seems a seed from their fall pumpkin carving session made it through Winter and took root!! Luke was going to pull it out! I convinced him how fun it would be for Nolan to have grown his own pumpkin this year so he left it. I don't know what I was thinking because it has now spread completely across the front of the house on the left side facing..

There is one little pumpkin so far but you can see the blooms!

Monica said the funny thing was that now there are pumpkin plants in front of alot of the houses on their street!! Trend SetterS!!! LOL!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Check this cake out!

60 candles!!! Today was DH's birthday and the girls wanted his cake to shine!! LOL.. He did well..the kids remembered and each gave him money as did his grandsons. I got his cake and took him to dinner. I wanted to through him a big ole party but he doesn't handle that stuff well and I usually end up angry by the time the party is over.

My daughter's family

THis is Kate, Alan and my Eli-boy! I did a little changing on this layout because it just looked to plain before I added their last name and moved the flower up. But I am happy with it now. Only two 5 x 7's left...Now if I can only find them!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

One more 5 x 7 bites the dust!!

I wish that the colors were true here because they are so much prettier in person than on here. I even took this pic outside in natural light. Oh well, you can get the idea..Now I only have two more 5 x 7 family pics to do and I will be finished!! Yea!!!!!! This is my brother and his second wife Ruth. They will be married 12 years the end of this month. She has been a real treat to have in the family and she takes great care of Mike.