Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hey all

Been a while since I have been here..I have removed my self from blog hops for a while..They are very addictive and I had a few bad experiences so I am giving myself some time to recoup and get rid of the negativity that is surrounding me right now.  Plus I have alot on my plate and I need to get some stuff caught up not to mention the time I was spending hopping I could have completed quite a few layouts!

I got through Thanksgiving..Cooked a really good meal and got everyone full and sleepy!  :)  Did the Black Friday scene and had a great time with my girls.  Didn't really have much in mind that I wanted to buy but we have done Black Friday for years and thoroughly enjoy it so we went out anyway.  Katie was able to buy the Eli-boy a $75 winter coat for only $15!!!!!!  His favorite color too!  Annie got herself a new was advertised and it was the only ONE they had..I don't like that..if you are going to advertise then have the items there..She was the fortunate one to get it tho so it will be an asset for her when she returns to Ohio University after new year..  I bought the DH a new 32 " TV at Walmart for $188!!  SHHHHH!!  Don't tell him tho..He thinks I couldn't get it..I was shocked that I did..I figured they would only have about 8-10 of them but they actually had 150!!  I was number 109!!

Spent today doing laundry and I do mean I did a lot of laundry!!  Cleaning my room and purging much stuff..Where does it all come from??  Posted some items to Craig's List so hopefully I will be getting some emails soon from those who just HAVE to have this stuff!!  Now it is 12:06 Am and I am off to bed..Much to do tomorrow.  Going to work on the Christmas tree and then we have the Hanging of the Greens tomorrow night at church.  Take care everyone!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Everett's birthday at Chuckie Cheese

We spent the evening at Chuckie Cheese last night celebrating Everett's 2nd birthday..  That is the way to go..when you are done you just gather up your stuff and go home and someone else cleans up the mess!  Here are a couple of pics from the evening..

Everett loved blowing out his candles and if you look close enough you can see the smoke being blown away!

 Peek-a-boo!  I am so blessed to be a grandma!
Chuckie Cheese was a fun time for all.  I expected Everett to be frightened by him but nope!  He loved him!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What I am Thankful for Blog Hop Day 2


Welcome to the "What I Am Thankful For" Blog Hop.  This hop is scheduled from Nov. 4 at 8:00 am through Nov. 5 at 11:00 pm (central time).

If you just happened to come to this blog, you are encouraged to start at the beginning with Lisa Peters-

We're so excited to be doing this hop and we have a fabulous lineup with some very talented ladies. There will be lots of fun projects, along with some great blog candy, and a great grand prize for this hop.

The hop is a 2 day hop so you will have plenty of time to make it through the whole hop lineup twice. Check out each blog and see what blog candy you can win at the individual stops.  Please come back both days to see great projects.

Here is the complete lineup:
Sherry B
Sherry W
Christina http://cema1cema.blogspot
 My Day 2 contribution:

I believe that Mom was 35 in this picture..  I wanted to preserve it so I scrapped it!!  I wouldn't define our relationship as best friends because I look at best friends as equals and I KNEW who was head honcho in our  But there IS a bond that transcends friendship..  NEVER in my life did I have to doubt or wonder if my momma loved me..She was always there and while she made me be responsible for my actions she loved me with no conditions.  She was a stay at home mom until my brother and I were in school full days and then she worked and we had to accept the responsibility of chores.  It is because of her that I can clean a house in short order.  Once when I was a teenager we cleaned a house for an elderly lady at church.  She rented out rooms to construction workers who where here until a job was finished and needed a place to stay.  We changed out all the beds..I think there were 8 of them, cleaned all the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the entire upstairs and then this incredible winding staircase with all of these spindles..came downstairs and cleaned Sister Dean's part of  the home.  I think mom even threw in some laundry..and we got paid.......$5.00!!!  Yes you read that right!!  $5.00!!!  And I can't even get anyone to come to my home and help me for $10 an HOUR!!

We lived in the country and it was at least 6 miles to Farmer Ed's store..We carried empty pop bottles while we WALKED there, cashed them in for I think it was 2 cents a bottle and bought one bottle of pop and one candy bar and shared it all the way home!!

Momma taught me about God, living right, treating others well and to look past a person's behavior to find the real reason for it and then to have compassion for that person along with understanding.

So I think you can see why I am thankful for my Momma..She has a crown of jewels waiting for her..Since life after death is an eternity I have asked God to let her hang around a bit more with me here.

 To be eligible for the grand prize, you must visit each blog, leave a comment and then become a follower of every participant in this hop. You also MUST visit Lisa's blog and leave a comment on her blog for the day and also become a follower at "Scrapping With Lisa" andher facebook page:  Please let her know if you don't do facebook and she won't count that against you for the blog candy.  Now for the blog candy, I bet you are wondering what it could be.   It will be a grab bag full of goodies.

Well, from here you go to: Suzanne Enjoy your trip!