Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow pics

I have tried for weeks to get a pic like this of my Eli-boy and his PawPaw! Eli LOVES this snow and he begs to go out in it everyday but it has been soooo cold.. PawPaw drove the bad roads to get to him just to take him out to play in it. Everytime he would get the second part of the snow man on top of the first ball, Eli would rush in and knock it down! LOL!! Is this picture not precious? Eli is one lucky little boy to have a Paw Paw who loves him so much!

While this looks like Eli has fallen and is getting assistance in getting up he is really protesting going inside! He just wants to stay out there so much and play. A wise Paw Paw knows when it is time to go inside. The little guys face was so red. There will be other days.

A boy and his dog! Little Man was his name when I rescued him from an abusive home but he has become Weenie at my daughters home. There is a show, Oswald I think, where an Octopus has a dachshund named Weenie. Eli loves that show and hence Little Man was renamed. I am so smitten by my grandsons. I just wish Nolan was closer so I could get more pics of him!

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