Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What good is a coupon if the stuff isn't there?

After receiving the Cuttlebug for Valentine's Day I was excited to see that Michael's and Hobby Lobby both had a 40 % off coupon that next week. Visions of a carrying case and new dies and folders were floating around in my head and I couldn't wait to get there. Of course I was not able to get there and the sale went off.

Imagine my joy when Michael's sent me an email with, you guessed it, another 40% off coupon! So I picked up my last client of the day and we headed there to get the carrying case for the Cuttlebug! We arrived and started looking at the paper...wait did I say we looked at the paper? Well that is not quite true since more than half of their racks were completely EMPTY!!

So I went in search of the carrying case...NO CARRYING CASE!!! I'm thinking "for crying out I not supposed to spend this Christmas check that I just found from my mother???"

I know..I'll buy some Cuttlebug dies and folders.....WRONG!!! Nearly 3/4 of the posts were EMPTY!! "What the heck is going on here??? Is this not one of the largest suppliers of scrapbooking supplies?" Well, I guess least not at my local store. I finally scrounged up a sales person who tells me that they are completely redoing the paper section and scrapbooking section of the store and they have not been receiving merchandise for several weeks so they don't have to move it when the actual revamping takes place..

I guess I should be happy that NEW stuff is coming and there will be more to choose from but what is a scrapper to do in the mean time??? And what about my 40 % off coupon? Now you know as well as I do that they won't be running that coupon in the projected two weeks that the sales person gave me for the remodel to be finished!!!

Alas...I guess I am just supposed to hold on to my money..(what fun is that?) But then maybe, just maybe there will be some really cute stuff come in and I will be happier with that purchase, except..I still need the carrying case for my Cuttlebug.....In all honesty I guess I don't really NEED it but I WANT it!!!

I think I am going to go to bed and POUT!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Prayer works!!

Some people think that to ask God to help find small items, such as keys, an earring, a piece of get the not a good thing to do. I mean God has a huge job on his hands dealing with this world and it's sin and evil..Why would he want to take time for something so insignificant in the realm of things?

Well, I am here to tell you that God is a Father and like most fathers He loves his children and He knows that it's the little things that generally put us over the edge. So when I asked my cyber friends to pray that I would find my power cord to my Cricut, so I didn't have to spend that extra $40 + , I knew that we would find the cord. I asked Him to lead us to it.

While at my DD's today I saw the cord to her Expression. At first I thought it might be mine and that I had truly left it at her home but quickly realized that it was hers not mine. What I didn't realize during all this time of hunting for the cord was that it had a black box attached to it. The cord that went into the Cricut also went into this black box and then a cord came out the other side and plugged into the electrical outlet. ALl this time I have been looking for just a straight cord with an unusual plug that went into the unit. I came home and was telling DH and he said he had seen it but couldn't remember where.

Well, about 2 hours later he came into the bedroom carrying the CORD!!! PTL!!! So God is good and I am one happy camper!! Thanks to all who interceded on my behalf.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Power cord, power cord..Oh where is my power cord?

If it is not one thing it is another!! I finally brought my Cricut home from Katie's and now I can't find the power cord. We have torn her place apart but the fact remains I know I had it with me. Bless her heart she tried to get me to let her remove it from the machine and then package it for me and I refused because I was going to bring it straight into the house..which I did. But now I can not find it...I have looked all through my car and I am tearing my bedroom up trying to find the little sucker!

To replace it is $39 plus tax/shipping/handling! Unbelievable!! Here I am trying to get ready for retreat and I know sure as I am sitting here that as soon as I order the cord I will find the one that is here!

Then I tried to upload some pics to this blog and my printer is saying it is not compatible which means I need to remove the program and reinstall but guess what? Oh you guys are good! You are absolutely right! I can't find the disc!!! It amazes me that it can set in one spot forever until you need it and then it is gone! LOL!

Oh well, looks like I am going to have a clean house by the time I find this stuff!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

7 Robins!!!

I was leaving for the Valentine Party for my clients this afternoon and as I was walking to my car there were seven birds flying in and around my flowering crab apple tree. I knew they were hungry and that the wind storm the other night had completely emptied our two feeders. I was thinking how unfortunate it was that I am ALWAYS running late or I could have taken a few minutes to fill them so the birds wouldn't have to hunt for food.

Suddenly I stopped in my tracks!!!! My mind connected with the fact that those seven lovely birds were big fat ROBINS!!!!! Do you know what that means here in Ohio?????

SPRING!!!!!!! Oh my word!!! It is on it's way and I will once again be able to shake the dreaded "Seasonal Anxiety Disorder"!!!!!! Winter is so hard on me any more...I just want to lay down and not get up until the sun starts shining and now in just a few short weeks I will have my sunshine again!!! I can't help it and I pray often for the Lord to forgive me for the way I feel about winter because He created it and I know that there are actually places that do not receive the snow, ice ,sleet and slush! LOL! However, each winter it gets more difficult for me to deal with it. This winter was my revelation year when I realized that I have lost all muscle mass in my butt!

I remember when my aunt used to back up to the campfire trying to warm her hiney and now I know why! NO MUSCLE MASS!!! to keep us warm. I am hoping that as Spring emerges that it will entice me to get up, get out and get busy on rebuilding that muscle and reduce this fat!

I was at the mixer this evening and watching all the clients who are mentally and physically challenged actually dance better than I could ever dream of dancing and I said to Katie, my DD who has clients she brings too, that I just wish I could lose enough weight so that before I die I could look good while I was dancing sinful!!! LOL!!! Am I sick or what? LOL!!! I have all kinds of rhythm but can not figure how to make it move in the correct direction!!! Oh well, at least today I am laughing and I have HOPE! Hope for Spring, hope that I will finally find a way to motivate myself to drop some weight and be able to dance and not feel like a spectacle!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Yesterday I posted the words.."Life sucks" to my YIM. It was truly a bad day carried over from the night before. I'm not going to bore everyone with the details of what happened, I will just say that I am a hopeless romantic, who for 38 years has been looking for a smidgeon of Ozzie and Harriet, June and Ward, you get the idea...while I have been married to a basically good drinking, no gambling, no smoking, no chasing other very hard and even refs, and umpires for extra money....he just doesn't get it....

When things go wrong, I somehow am usually the one to blame until he finds out otherwise and then of course there is no apology. I guess what I am saying is that in all other aspects of our life he is right on it. But for some reason when it comes to me he just can't seem to be kind. Oh he has never missed a birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, you get the idea. And I have not been the perfect wife. Early on I succeeded in getting us into a financial crisis, you know..robbing Peter to pay Paul , but that was years ago and I think it is time to let it go..not keep throwing something in my face for ever. He handles the money which is just fine with me..I don't want to handle it. I work so I see to it that I have what I want as far as being able to buy things. It's not a dictatorship..

It's just that when ever anything happens adversely I have to hear all over again how trifling I am and that is just not getting it any yesterday after an incident with the garage door in a severe wind storm, I had basically had enough and I think just about everyone in Clark County heard me...then of course I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and it really took it's toll. Hence me posting .."Life sucks!" It did and to a degree it still does..

Having married at 17 five days after graduation I have only held minimum wage jobs and the current job I have....I am making a mere $8 an hour to do what I do and I have made that for three years with no raise..and I will not get a raise ever unless minimum wage passes me by which it should here relatively soon. I could work for the state and make $16 an hour but I would be responsible for my taxes and everything and I would have to give up my current clients whom I love very much. So it's not an easy decision to make. Not to mention the facts that I have had a heart stint and another heart catherization and I am type 2 diabetic....

I'm tired, I'm overweight, my self esteem is in the toilet and I feel like I am drowning. I have another health issue that has me concerned right now and I need to have it looked you see ..for me right now..Life does indeed suck" BUT I am a survivor so I need to get a grip and start dealing with it. Soon Spring will be here and I will feel a WHOLE lot better. I definitely am NOT a winter girl..

I am sorry if I worried some of you which is obvious I did because of the responses to those two words but I just didn't feel like being on last night. I love you all and you have no idea how much it means to me to have you in my corner. Please do not respond to this. Just let it be a sounding board for me to let you all know that I am OK and that I appreciate you more than words could convey.

I am going to be watching the Eli-boy tonight and that should put a smile on my face and then once I am off work on Saturday I am going to be scrapping and then I will have something fun to post here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I need to scrap!!!

Geez! I get snowed in for three days and you would think I would get something done! But NOOO! And now here it is over a week later and I still haven't scrapped..What's the deal?

Well, I did get ALL of my scrap stash organized down to the brads and eyelets so I guess that is good but I am needing to be creative. I want to show some things in my blog!!!!

So I guess this post will be short and I will get my papers out and get busy on my kit swaps and at least get those done.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NO thoughts

As I sit here at my computer looking at my blog I realize that I don't have a single thing in mind to blog about!!

Is that sad? That I have had nothing happen today that is worth talking about?

Is my life just boring? Nah, I don't think it is boring I just think I live in the midwest and the only thing happening right now is SNOW!

So I guess I will just go to bed!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

28 years ago....

For 10 years after Jim and I married I was told I would never have any children, not by just one doctor but by three! We had put our name on an adoption list and waited and waited and we just decided to move from Cincinnati, where Jim grew up, to Springfield where I grew up and close to my parents . Jim had lost both of his parents four years apart so he felt that he wanted to be close to my family too.
We bought a home from a couple who was to be our neighbors since they built a new home behind us. Sharon had gone to an infertility specialist in Dayton and referred me. I had actually put it off because I didn't want yet another doctor to tell me I could not have children.
Ironically, after I went, Dr. Moritz read my reports, did a couple of tests and said "You will be pregnant in five months! Five months later I was pregnant! And Feb 1, 1981 Lucas James Rayburn, first boy in the family in 28 years, was born. The hospital was alive with family members who were so happy that we were finally having a baby but even more because he was a boy! The hospital employees said they could not remember the last time they had a family so excited over the birth of a baby.
Ironically, that baby who was the first boy in 28 years turned 28 today! And has a son of his own! I can not even begin to explain the joy I felt and feel. God was good to me and I thank him daily for my kids.