Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow days!

Well we have been snowed in or "iced" in for several days now. It's starting to get tense in here. Nerves are getting thin. I have never seen Annie so ready to go back to school!
Poor Jim has taken his snow blower to our driveway so many times and then on to my parents to do theirs.. He is such a hard worker.
We got about 3 inches of ice underneath all of that snow and were put on a Level 2 emergency meaning no one should be on the road unless it is absolutely necessary. Living where I am, I am faced with open fields that drift to the max..You couldn't even see my road until this afternoon when they finally decided to start plowing. School is on a two hour delay already for tomorrow. I don't know what Annie will do if she can't get out of here.
As for me..I was able to sort and organize 20 drawers of scrapbooking stuff. Everything is in it's category and I was amazed at what I didn't remember I had. I even stayed up until 4 AM this morning to clean my bedroom closest! I took a 30 gal trash bag of clothes out to the living room to head to Goodwill, I managed to get a 30 gal trash bag of trash to the road and I have several packages that are going to be going out for some nice RAKs. It feels good to have all of that done but tomorrow is another day and it's back to work I'm sure....

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