Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Two years ago the end of February, I was all set to turn my small bedroom into a craft room for scrapping. I had the plans in my head and had talked to DH about installing counter top and peg board so I could hang my stuff and see it more easily and consequently use more of it. What is it they say about best laid plans????

It was at that time that Grace and Julie ran out of money at the assisted living center they were living in and they had to move... Gracie, 89 had dementia and Alzheimer's so I placed her in a very nice facility that could give her the care that I couldn't..Then the Ju-Ju, 46 came to live with us. Guess where she ended up? my "dream" scraproom!!!

I guess I should explain that Grace and Julie are mom and sister to my best friend all through school. Twelve years! She ended up moving to Florida in 2001 and I began taking care of those two along with the assisted living center for 6 years. Julie is Down's and goes to work each day at a special place that does jobs for the government and local businesses. She has been in that system for 40 + years and to her sister's knowledge there wasn't anything like what she has here, in Florida.

Three short months after moving Gracie passed away and it would have just been to hard on Julie to try to move to Florida and start a new life especially since Debbie is a nurse and works very long hours.

Well to get where I was going with all of this...I took my Christmas tree down today...YES, I said today!! lol..just to busy! I had to pack my stash into three seven drawer storage units. They are the typical ones you see at Ikea I guess...and my bedroom is full of stuff. I had taken the drawers out to my garage last summer to get them out of my living room but after I took the tree down ..They came back!! I hate that I don't have a room for my stuff. I would really love to be organized but I guess Julie takes precedence over my hobby... Maybe one day I will have that dream room but today I will just keep running out to the living room in search of that perfect embellishment, chipboard, ink, stamp, name it. At least it is not in the garage and the winter weather any longer..

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