Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ornaments we made

I wish the lighting was better, but the way the strips are, the light makes shadows that darken it.  They really look so much prettier in person.  Kevin made 8 of these all in different color combinations.
 Once again he did the cutting and then the folding.  I pretty much pinned most of them on but he handed them to me and then I hot glued the ribbons and the bell to it.  I wish I could show you all of them but since he has handed them out already I couldn't get the pics before they took them home.  Once again this item as well had never been made by us before so I don't think we did to bad of a job.
I also mentor a third grade boy and last week we made one for his mother for Christmas.  I didn't have my camera because I had loaned it to my son when he went on his hunting trip and have yet to get it back ..I actually convinced my DH to advance me one Christmas gift so that I could take these pictures.  LOL    It's another Fuji Camera..I really like their product.

We couldn't find a coordinating paper to go with this one so we just used the same pattern all the way ..I still think it turned out great.  Of course the bow is against the  tree instead of in the  Memo to self:  Make sure everything is as you want it before you press that button!!  :)

Toilet paper album made by one of my clients

OK, I have been intrigued by the toilet paper roll albums for quite some time and have wanted to try my hand at it.  Most of you know that I work with Developmentally  Disabled adults and even tho two of my clients are men, they love to scrapbook and do crafts.  For Christmas I was trying to come up with some ideas that we could do that would not cost an arm and a leg especially because these guys are on limited income.  My first ever client and the one I have worked with the longest (6 years) is Kevin and he had 8 women in his family to make something for.  Well if you add that up at even $5 a person it is $40 and way more than he could afford.  So we decided to try to make these albums.  In the end we made just one album for his mom and ornaments for the other gals (time factor). I will share some of those in my next post.  But for now here is the album we made for his mom..

 Kevin chose the papers to use and the ribbons.  I would line up the paper and he would cut it.  Then we ran the papers through my 2.5 " Xyron , a perfect fit , by the way..  Once the papers were attached he did the inking.
Then we went through my embellishments and he chose what he wanted on each page of his album.

Overall I am really pleased for a first time effort.  The cost was extremely minimal because I used alot of my stash!  An action that eased my guilty conscience for hoarding so many supplies..:)
This ornament was perfect for the back and of course each tp roll has a tag in it for add't photos.  I would like to add that Kevin's family had their Christmas party last Sunday and this album was the talk of the day along with the ornaments he made.  I got gratification knowing that I helped him give the women in his family nice gifts for next to nothing cost wise.  Now if I can only come up with some great mens items to make!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Show Me Your Craft Room Blog Hop Jan 20-23

This is an upcoming blog hop I will be in come January..Keep checking back and you will see where I work in my home on my scrapbooking..:)