Sunday, April 4, 2010


Nolan and Aunt Katie were hamming it up sucking lemons at Cracker Barrel.

Who would have thought that I would have shot 106 pictures yesterday. We had our Easter get together yesterday, went to Cracker Barrel for lunch and then to the park so the boys could run and play.
Before Luke and Monica brought the boys up we took Eli to a church that had 25000 eggs spread out all over their grounds. Eli was so excited we could hardly keep him from crossing the yellow tape before they said "GO".

While we were in the parking lot talking about what we were going to do next a man came walking toward us really strange. I looked down and he was shooing a shrew that had come out of the grass.. It ran right toward Katie's ran past her and he continued to chase it toward the grass away from everyone.. I could only imagine how fast it's little heart was

Everett really loved his fuzzy bunny! IT was just the right size for his little hands. It seems impossible that he is 5 months old already! And Nolan will be 4 on the 20th! Where is the time going???

I loved playing with my boys but I really loved sitting back and watching my grown kids (inlaws included) all laughing and joking with each other.. It was a crazy day..wind was ridiculous..not sure why I even curled my hair , it would rain and then the sun would come out and then it would do it all over again, but being with family is such a blessing for me..
One of these days I will remember to post my pics first before I start typing but I think you can figure out what each is about with my post here..
I hope you all had a blessed Easter!