Friday, January 20, 2012

"Show Me Your Craft Room" Jan 20 -23


Jan 20th~23
Welcome Everyone, Thank you for stopping by to visit Lluvia's very
first blog hop! Yayyy very excited :) She has a group of very talented crafty people from all over the world who can't wait to share their awesome spaces with you.  We hope to inspire you with new ideas for your own craft room/space.

This is a no obligation hop, so if you would like to just browse through the space's, that is totally OK!  This hop will be open all weekend long!  So no rush!

However, for those of you who like freebies there will be "blog candy" if you follow and comment on each posting and leave a comment with "your best organizational tip" your name will entered in a random drawing to win a $25.00 gift card from Michael's!!! Winner will be announced on Tuesday 1/24/12
Ready, Set, Go!

I was all set to have a great 9 x 9 bedroom converted to my scrap room..Had visions of peg board along one wall so I could just look up and decide which embellishment or ribbon I wanted to use, a wall to wall counter/desk space to work on my projects and just get up, leave everything as is and close the door when I was done.  As all wonderful ideas and dreams tend to fade because a great need arises, so did this one! :)

I became legal guardian to a 45 year old woman with down's syndrome who needed a place to live and a bedroom to sleep in..ahhh, there went the scraproom..:)  My husband helped me with the area I now use..Can't leave stuff up or out but that is ok.  It helps to keep the area clean.  While I like it and it is not my dream, at least I have an area to work and not on my kitchen table or counter.  Thanks for looking!  I would love to read any feedback or ideas you might have to help me utilize it better..

This first picture is my computer station and then on to the other part of the corner.

DH built my shelves into the alcove and it has made a world of difference in my organization. There are still a couple of small areas that I need to perfect but for my needs this seems to be working. This is actually my bedroom.

I know to alot of you this does not seem like a lot of paper but it is for me. I get overwhelmed with quantity and it is hard for me to buy more paper until I use alot of what I have. Ironically the stack has grown since this picture was taken!!  lol

The jars with the blue lids holding my flowers are actually marshmallow creme jars. I make alot of peanut butter fudge! LOL! But they are perfect for my needs. The stacks behind the pumpkin frame are my acrylic stamps.

These drawer stacks cost me $3 each!! I got them at a garage sale and was so excited. I have a separate drawer for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and then a drawer for tags, frames, and etc.   I have so many embellishments that I will never be able to use them all. I need to hang my bulletin board and things should be about finished.  I wish I were more creative..

Please check out everyone's blogs and give them some encouragement and compliments and may we all learn something from each other's spaces.

Here is the line up~

1st stop
Angela- http://Prettifyyourlife.blogspot
Amy Jo-
 Jennifer -

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Your chance to win some great tear bears!!

My friend Esther is having a blog candy contest for 4 of her handmade tear bears. Please go to her FB page and become a fan and tell her that Vicki Rayburn sent you! That ups my chances to win! Thanks maybe you will be the winner!

Monday, January 16, 2012

This is an exciting event so please check it out!

This is a message from Lain Ehmann about her new LayOut A Day for February!  I have signed up and I am super stoked to get started.  I am eager to meet new friends, to be inspired by Lain's daily suggestions and eager to get some layouts DONE!  I need my MoJo back!  I have alot to do but I am happy that this is going to be about past memories that can sometimes even have a today spin.  Please click on the link and check it out.  I would be so happy to see some of my online friends there doing this with me!!

Lain's words:

Let me ask you a few things…
-Do you love scrapbooking? (DUH!)
-Do you want to scrapbook more? (DUH!)
-Do you want to make new scrappy friends? (OF COURSE!)

Then why oh why have you NOT signed up for LOAD212? We’ll be spending 29 days together, creating dozens of layouts that will preserve yesterday while creating NEW memories with fun scrappy people!

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be sharing some inner workings and ideas about Layout a Day, as well as what some past LOADsters have to say about the Layout a Day process. Fair warning: It’s going to be LOAD-heavy around here!

Why the push to have you sign up? Well, it’s simply life-changing!

Here is the link to sign up: