Thursday, October 15, 2009

My totaled car!

Tuesday, October 6 TH I was driving along one of our country roads here. It was around 8 PM, raining, dark, no moon, no street lights.. I always look for deer because there are so many hot spots here where they cross the roads. I thought I saw something move so I squinted to see through the dark but didn't see anything. Suddenly everything in front of me went total black! It was a panic if someone had moved a black wall in front of my car. Now common sense told me that no one did that so I proceeded with caution . Once again I saw movement and a Black Angus cow turned it's head toward me! There were two of them facing each other standing across the two lanes of the road!!!
My reaction was.."It's a cow!!!!!!!!" then immediately I heard "BAM!" I had taken the one cow out from under it's legs and it hit the hood of my car and then up into the windshield and over the side or top..not sure which.
All I know is that I braced for impact and had turned my head to the left in case it landed on my side of the windshield..I didn't want glass in my face. I called my husband in shock that I had hit a cow! Who hits a cow??? He then reminded me to call 911 which I did and within 5 minutes two State Highway Patrol cruisers arrived. Then the squad and fire department.. I was told that the cow was up and limping. That hurt me even more. I couldn't stand the fact that I had hit it much less that it was suffering now..I believe it had to be put down. I have no clue what happened to the second cow.
Apparently the pasture gate was ajar. The farmer's insurance adjuster called me and she asked if there was anything I could have done to avoid it. There was not..If I would have swerved to the right the cow would have landed on the windshield directly in front of me and if I swerved to the left I would have hit the other cow!
It is amazing the thoughts that sped through my mind while all of this went on. Everything happened so fast but it felt like I was going in slow motion. Of course they totaled my car. It was a 97 with 240,000 miles but it was in great shape and was running good. I cried...I loved my car.... Now I have to deal with the insurance companies not wanting to give me much for it. The Blue Book is $2895 but they say they don't go by Blue Book..Which is ironic because when I buy I will have to buy according to Blue Book.
They have you over a barrel..So I am going to wait it out to see what his insurance offers and then I will determine if I have to get hateful....I know that comes to a surprise to you all but I have been known to get hateful from time to time!!! LOL!!!
So thanks to all of you who have prayed for me through this and please continue to pray that the insurance company will be fair.