Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad turned 81 yesterday so I thought it appropriate to complete the layouts for his 80Th birthday last year!! I wanted to be able to remember who all attended his party so I did the layout like this.. I have actually done several of the 9 picture page and love the way it always turns out. To be able to identify everyone I used just a small strip of paper with their names on it and placed then katty corner across each photo. When I finished I realized I didn't have a picture of my SIL and figured out that she was the one taking all the pictures! LOL!! Sorry Ruth!
I probably should have photographed this picture somewhere other than the concrete because the first page blends so well you can hardly see the outline. I thought I had cropped it but alas...I am not as computer savvy as I thought and I obviously forgot a step!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where have I been?

Dealing with family issues and working just takes all the fun out of everything and it strips time away before you know it. I have gotten a few layouts completed with two of my clients. This is Kevin's layouts for his Special Olympics Track and Field this year. He did really well and is proud to have his album growing with his accomplishments. He took it to Columbus to show it off to his brother. They were very impressed. While the pages are more simplistic than I like to do they are still great pages because the guys pick their papers and assist with all the cropping and placements.

As you can see..Kevin received a blue ribbon for his 100 yard sprint and a red ribbon for his softball toss. You can't see the bottom two pics on the second page very well but it captures him throwing the ball and the middle pic shows the ball in mid air.