Saturday, January 24, 2009

Deposit sent!

It is fast approaching the time to head to Gatlinburg for the 4Th annual scrapbooking retreat!! This started obviously four years ago when Jessica and I got our heads together to plan a retreat for our Yahoo group..The_Scrapbooking_Nook. There were three from Alabama, three from North Carolina and three from Ohio. I can't even begin to share how great it was to meet these ladies that I had been talking to, swapping with and just becoming like family to! We all hugged and laughed and scrapped over a three night weekend and friendships were set!

Unlike most retreats where everything is planned out for you and vendors are there, this retreat was just like a vacation where we all did what we wanted to. We brought so much stuff it was unreal, everyone was sharing everything they had, each of us brought small gifts for the others, and there was even a table of stuff that we each brought hoping someone else would snatch it up so we wouldn't have to take it back home..

The time went to fast, much to our dismay.. and we found ourselves on our way home anticipating the next March so we could do it again!! I don't think we ever actually stayed in a cabin in in Pigeon Forge or Sevierville. Each year has brought new people and change has kept some of the original from coming back but every year I am refreshed for having spent this time with ladies who have so much in common with me.

We each fix one meal for everyone and that helps keep costs down and then one night we go to TGIFridays for supper and Doris usually picks whose birthday it is going to be for us to celebrate so we can make fools of ourselves in front of the entire restaurant!!! The first year we picked Jessica and our waiter really poured it on flirting with her. He had her stand up on the chair and hold balloons while we all sang Happy Birthday to her!! Of course it wasn't even her birthday but hey we had fun!!!

Then we take an afternoon field trip to The Scrapbook Superstore and oh you talk about "eye candy"!! Next to it is a store that is just their clearance merchandise!!! We have sooo much fun.

The first year, Katie and Kandi were both expecting babies. Each of them had had problems conceiving so it was a celebration of sorts. The next year they brought the boys with them. Caleb is only a month younger than Eli. Amy had gotten pregnant and surprised us with her son as well. Amazingly we got alot of scrapping done for having three babies there but it was as if each of them belonged to all of us. Pat's DIL Jamie came the second year and held all of those boys and shortly there after we found out that she was expecting too!

Last year, both boys and Jillian were brought to the retreat again , Helen and her DIL Tammy came from Colorado but little Doris couldn't make it.. So we took a picture of her and set it in the middle of the table and talked to her as if she were there! LOL!!

Now this year, Jamie is not able to come and the boys are old enough to stay home with dad and we are heading out babyless for the first time since they were born! We have new people coming..Cyndi is bringing her daughter Heather and Jessica is bringing her friend Kandy..

It excites me for them because I don't think they really have a clue as to how much fun they are going to have in this relaxed atmosphere of ladies who have come to really care for one another and who share so much of themselves. We are getting the cabin we got last year and I am so excited! It is just perfect..Plenty big, very reasonable and just perfect for scrapping in.

I am so blessed that DH works side jobs finishing concrete so that I can have the money to go. I rent a vehicle to carry our stuff and I get to go with my girls...Katie and Annie. It just means so much to me to be able to go on a trip with them and have fun.

I have to confess that I don't get a lot of scrapping done because I am so busy chatting but this year I plan to change that..I am going to make up a bunch of page kits to match my pictures and I intend to do alot.

I guess the reason for this post was brought about because I sent the deposit off for the cabin and now I know for sure it is a go! I wish you all could go with us.....

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