Monday, January 26, 2009

My treat for the day!

I was reading my emails this morning and I had one from Kimba that just put the biggest smile on my face!! You see I have been wrestling with my blog for sometime now trying to pretty it up a little and have not been very successful. If you read my Header it says something about me being a middle aged woman trying to keep up with today's technology and I have to tell you I suck at it pretty bad!

I have asked my girls who each have a Facebook and MySpace to help me but they insist that they are not familiar with the blog so I was left to deal with it myself. SO...last night I sat at this computer and figured out how to get a free background for Valentine's Day and then Annie did stop in to help me figure out how to get my play list on it. Love that Toby Keith!!! You should see my wallpaper for my computer!!! He is a hottie!

Anyway, let me get back on track So I'm thinking I have my blog looking kinda cute even tho there aren't that many people looking at it, but it made me feel good just the same. And then I get my email this morning and there is one from Kimba with the subject..LOVE, LOVE, LOVE..your blog!! What a validation for me!! I just have no confidence in myself and wasn't sure if I had done well and there she was giving me accolades saying my blog ROCKS!! So thanks again Kimba!! It just made my day..

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