Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Well, it seems I have been the recipient of the Kreativ Blogger award from my friend Esther @ Thank you Esther! Not sure how great my blog is since I am trying to be faithful with it now and have had some life issues interrupt my scrap blogging but I thank you just the same..

I understand that I am to post 7 things that I really like;

1) I like beautiful sunsets

2) I love puppy breath

3) The smell of baby lotion on a newly bathed child

4) Beef Tips and Noodles, mashed potatoes and green beans!

5) Doing layouts of my grandsons

6) My internet special!

7) I love retreat in Gatlinburg every March where we can all get together and scrap!!!

NOW FOR 7 blogs or links that I love.








Congratulations, I hope you enjoy your award and now you can pass the happiness on to 7 bloggers you know!!

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