Friday, May 1, 2009

Here I go again!

Well, today I am heading to the hospital for my third heart catherization in 16 months! Is that not ridiculous? I'm not scared I am just over it. I told Jimmy that as soon as this is done and everything is fine I am going to take the heart rehab classes that I should have taken in Dec 07 when I had the stent put in and I am going to take my diabetic training that I should have taken as well. I am going to learn to eat right and I am going to get a membership to the gym and get the fat off of this chassis once and for all!! I didn't take them because they interfered with my job but if I don't take care of myself I am not going to need that job right?

So please think of me today and pray about 12 noon EST that Dr Akhter's hands will be guided by the Lord!!..And then I will be back to let you know just what he found. The only reason I am somewhat concerned is that there were irregularities during my treadmill stress test on my EKG. From experience I have learned that unless you are in the middle of something at the time the EKG is taken it generally doesn't show anything. My MIL had an EKG that showed nothing and came home from the doctor and had a massive heart attack! So for them to find something does give me some concern. But I have put myself in God's hands and he knows I want to watch the grandsons grow and I want to meet my new grand baby on the way. Not to mention watch Annie graduate and eventually get married ..oh there are just too many reasons to live so I am going for it!!!

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