Sunday, May 17, 2009

Special Olympics Track and Field

Yesterday was our 2ND track meet for my guys and Julie but the Ju-Ju was sick and couldn't go. However, Kevin and Robert did so well, I was so proud of them!

Kevin got FIRST in his throw and SECOND in his dash!!! He is 46 yrs old but he could sure run!! We had one gentleman who ran who was 77!!!! They love it!
This was Robert's first year in track and at our first meet he was disqualified for leaving his lane and going into another. It is so easy to do but the rules of the Fast walk are that you have to stay in your lane and you have to walk fast not run. Someone stepped into his lane so he moved over thus disqualifying himself. This time he stayed straight as an arrow and made it the 100 yards to his finish line in FIRST PLACE!!! Then he finished second in his softball throw...
It was a rainy day but they never complained and what fun we had!!
I hate how this blog works or at least I can't figure it out! When this posts to my blog it is going to have Robert's pic first and then Kevin's dancing pic next..Just so you know who is who.

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