Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Nature Story

This is the base of my redbud tree and as you can see it is just about three feet from the ground. Now if you look in the "V" of the trunk you will see a Robin's nest.. I am thinking.."Is she stupid?" I mean there are cats, raccoons, possum, even coyote running around here at night and even in the daytime while she is flying for food her nest is open for destruction and pending death for any hatchlings that will come along.
Now why would she want to do that? I have been watching her from my bedroom window and she is scuttle butting all over the ground looking for food so I suggested to DH that we hang one of our feeders in the tree so she can get some food for herself and still be close to the nest. Of course after the eggs hatch she will have to go looking for the worms.......Well instead of hanging the feeder he took older bread out and broke it up and laid it all around the base of the tree! Sometimes he has a good heart and like me he loves nature.

SO here are her four eggs..I only hope and pray they hatch before becoming some animals dinner and then after they hatch hopefully the predators will leave them alone to grow. I just know that when they fly from the nest here, they are in for a rude awakening! Hope they don't knock themselves out in the short distance they have to learn to fly!! I will keep you updated with photos and we can watch them grow together....

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