Thursday, May 21, 2009

OK, I'm crazy!

At least some of you may think so by the time these birds fly the nest!! I started spring cleaning my bedroom today so I not only opened my blinds but I lifted them halfway up so I could enjoy the sunshine. In a short break, I sat at my computer and looked out at my neighbor's beautiful poppies that are in bloom and her bright red geraniums that she has strategically placed in hanging baskets from her trees and it occurred to me that while sitting here I have a "birds" eye view of the nest!!! Now, it's to far to see the babes but I have been watching Mom and Dad all day!! Staying close and hunting in my yard. It's amazing the bugs that are in my yard!!! LOL!!

I have watched as they have literally fought with the starlings that get to close. Poor birds..they stand back and look at them like they are crazy themselves! It amazes me to see how animals, birds, even insects have automatic instincts and how they act on them.

I haven't always been enthralled with nature, in fact I remember when I was younger that I thought my mom was looney. She would ooh and ahh over a cloud. I remember traveling one time and we went through Georgia and all of a sudden she let out this terrifying scream!! Scared the crap out of my dad, brother and me!! She was screaming because she had always heard about the Georgia clay dirt (it is red!) and she had never seen it and for the first time she was experiencing it.. or the time we pulled into a motel in the dark, went to bed and couldn't find her the next morning..she was outside crying because when she walked out the door to get some air she came face to face with a mountain.

I just couldn't get it..ya know it's kinda like every time your are driving your car listening to the radio and your son/daughter changes the channel..that's it...we just weren't on the same channel.
To me it was just dirt and a mountain...

When I had my kids I found myself doing the same to them..One time I had Katie in the car with three of her friends..all of them guys..we were coming home from a youth meeting at church, it was summer and the days were long then, and the clouds were just so thick and billowy and I kept hitting the brakes of my car to point them out! They just laughed at me and teased me and it was that moment that I realized..I had become my mother!

Now I am experiencing those things with the grandsons and again I take the road back to the memories and I realize that my mother's love of nature was actually her love for God.......

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