Sunday, May 24, 2009

My umpiring son and hubby

My DH has been umpiring baseball for quite a few years now and he finally talked my son Luke into umping as well. He came up to do a couple games to help one league out and I stopped to watch him. I know I am prejudice but is he not one handsome guy?? Before I got there he got nailed with a ball in the collarbone! I just couldn't understand how that could happen since that chest protector goes up practically to the base of his neck. He thinks it hit the bottom of his mask and ricocheted down to that bone. He is a hairy sort, so it may be difficult to see the goose egg there but it was really painful and it is going to leave a real mark in the morning. Of course I had to call my DIL to remind her to take care of my baby!! She just kinda laughed at me...hmmm..what do you suppose that meant?? LOL

This is my DH (right) and his buddy umpire. They are like a tag team in wrestling...Someone goes after one they might just as well go after the other. They are good umps tho and people request them... I call them Moe and Shmoe! Either they are grumpy or they are acting silly like this...MEN!

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