Monday, May 4, 2009

Annie's Greenon Prom

Annie had her prom for her school last Saturday. Again she and Stephen (Steven) went and again they looked so good together! This first pic was an accident really but I love it! I love the grass, trees, the stones around the tree and it is not a traditional pic. I love the behind view of her dress. And of course I had to get my classic pic of her dress bodice, corsage and nails! The bodice of this dress had scattered light yellow beading that just glistened in contrast to the pink.

Of course I need to have a full view shot of them together. This time Steve wore a white tux..Annie was not happy at first..until she saw how great he looked next to her dress. His pale pink vest and tie in no way made him look like a they always say.."Real men wear pink!"

They had such fun together . I wanted them to have pics taken next door to us. Our neighbors are elderly but have an absolutely beautiful yard complete with a gazebo and
a double seat swing glider and they love seeing the kids in their dress clothes...but because the other couples wanted to have them at one of the girls houses we had no voice. Which ticked me off because we spent a fair amount of money on that prom and I felt they could have at least done both places. SO our pictures have a construction access road in the background and utility lines and an above ground swimming pool with the cover still on it! Gee do I sound grumpy? After the prom they came back to the house to change in to after prom clothing. I was impressed with how patient Steve was waiting for Annie to get ready. She had to re do her hair of course! You can't go to a bonfire looking all dishoveled from dancing now can you?

Anyway, I was sure a proud momma! I love my kids so much and since I didn't get to go to any of my proms it was fun to experience some of Annie's with her. I talked with Steve's mom and we are going to get to gether to exchange pictures and then I will scrap the event. I want to get them done because next year is her senior year and I want to have this year completed to be able to concentrate on next year and have the album finished in time for graduation.
Thanks for letting me share!!

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