Thursday, March 6, 2008


Tuesday night three kids that Annie went to school with were driving our street when an elderly woman in a Cadillac pulled out in front of them, clipping their car and sending them into a spin that slammed them into a retaining wall. Pat Jacobson was in the backseat, no seatbelt and the driver's seat broke slamming into him. Don't have all the details just yet but it appears God was gracious and he died instantly. The other two boys, Austin, the driver and CJ were treated and released. So sad..I can not even imagine what his parents are going through.

Annie will be 16 March 14th and she is so eager to drive and it is scaring me to death. I wasn't like that with Luke and Kate. I worried, of course, I'm a mom but Kate didn't even get her license until she was almost 18. I don't see the hurry. We are in the country and the roads are so winding and people treat it like a drag strip when they get in the open. This however was just a bad judgement call made by an elderly woman who is, I'm sure depressed and distraught over her mistake. I have to pray for all involved.

Annie is devastated. She became fast friends with this young man and they had just gone out to eat together on Monday. I have let her spend more than enough time with her friends. Let her go to the memorials and spend the night with Sarah, knowing her mother would be there if Annie needed someone but I find myself in an awkward position..Almost that sad or what? But as a mother I feel like I should be with her and there for her and yet I know she needs to be with her friends. On one hand I feel left out and on the other I feel ridiculous for even thinking of myself. But that could have just as easily been my daughter and that is an extremely frightening thought! It doesn't help that she is my baby, my youngest.

Tomorrow night is the memorial service and I don't know if they will be having a viewing so the kids can have closure or if the casket will be closed. Either way..what do you say to the parents?
There are no words that would make a difference except that I am more than willing to pray for them. It's just such a helpless feeling. I love my daughter and just the mere thought of a loss takes me to my knees. And these folks are feeling it first hand. God give them strength.

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