Monday, March 24, 2008

It's been a while

Alot has happened these last few days most of which is related to my job and due to privacy laws I can't discuss it. All I can really say is that on Tuesday my heart was full of joy and by Friday night I was devastated! I will know the first of the week if I can be joyous again. So..

It's onward and upward...Saturday Luke and Monica brought Nolan, Kate and Alan brought Eli and we all went to a church here is Springfield for an Easter Egg Hunt. They had 23,000 plastic eggs! Yes you are reading that correctly! They had two big patches just loaded with eggs. One for the older kids and one for the smaller toddler type kids. All of the eggs were empty. They gathered all they could hold in their baskets and then they took them around front of the church where they dumped them into 30 gal trash cans. Then a volunteer would take a scoup much like you scoup birdseed in, and they would scoup into another 30 gal trash can for candy and put it in the basket in place of the plastic eggs. Each child got pretty much the same amount of candy. There were a few "GOLDEN" eggs that held the name of an item that they could have as a bonus prize.

SpongeBob, Dora and the Easter Bunny were there doing photo ops and we got some great pictures. Eli was fine with them as long as they kept their distance.

They gave a ticket when you first got there and you could redeem it for a drink and a hotdog but it was sooooo cold that we just left for home. Then it was back to Cracker Barrel where Jim and I treated everyone to lunch. The boys were so much fun. Nolan who will be 2 next month and Eli is 19 months. Their little eyes just lit up when they saw those eggs!

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