Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snow and Eli

As hard as it is to believe, considering we couldn't even drive down our road yesterday due to receiving 16 inches of snow, the roads today are completely clear! Is this weather strange or not?? I'm just glad it has come and gone and next week it is going to be in the 50's. Of course it will all melt and then flood! LOL!!

Well, the doctor is keeping Eli in the hospital one more night. Kate was not thrilled but the doctor had a very good arguement. I mean other than the fact that Eli has RSV which is quite deadly in little children if not treated properly. She of course is worried about money and I fully understand but if she would have taken him home and he relapsed she would have been devastated. The doctor told her it was actually cheaper to let him stay another night because another ER visit would be about $3000 where a nights stay is only about $400. The main reason he wanted him to stay was to continue to give him breathing treatments and those cannot be given at home. At least not this kind.. So it looks like the little guy will be coming home tomorrow instead!

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