Friday, March 7, 2008

SNOW! Tons of snow!!

Well, you might know that the day after the RWblack birds came back it would snow, only this isn't just snow..this is SNOW!! It is real fine and as my FIL from Etowah, TN always said.."When it looks like meal, expect a great deal!" He is so right! We already have close to 4 inches on the ground and it is still coming! It is supposed to snow all night and into tomorrow up to 12 ". The only thing getting me through this is the fact that those birds are back and I KNOW that Spring is around the corner!..THey are already predicting 46 degrees for three days next week. Shoot, I can hang clothes out in that temperature! So, I cancelled my client this afternoon and for tomorrow morning because it drifts so bad out here and we are already on a Level 1 emergency. As soon as Julie gets off the bus I am going to crawl into bed under my super thick comforter and take me a good old fashioned nap!

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