Thursday, March 13, 2008

Special Olympics Bowling Banquet

Last night I attended my 2nd bowling banquet for Special Olympics. Two of my clients, Kevin and Rae Lynn had bowled the season as did Julie who lives with me. Julie lost interest about half way through and it was a battle to get her to go but she did eventually end up coming back. They give each bowler a trophy with their highest score of the season on it and a wonderful meal! We had chicken breast with mashed red potatoes and green beans, roll/butter and cake for dessert. It was really quite tasty!

As the trophys were being awarded Julie tapped me and asked if she was getting one. She had no was great! I just looked at her and said "I don't just have to see if your name is called." She stood up to go up and I had to grab her to sit back down. I was grinning to myself because I knew that she was getting one. Finally they called her name and she was so excited!!!

I watched with pride as 133 bowlers jumped for joy when their name was called and they got their trophy. I have come to know most of them through the bowling, track and field and the weekly mixers. These are the most precious people I know. As soon as they see you their faces light up and you feel like you are the most loved person on earth. Their hearts are so pure and their bodies are just so full of love for people.

Because I attended each week and helped in any way I could, such as writing down scores, removing people from the line up who didn't show that week or passing out banquet invitations, I was awarded a Special Olympics throw blanket. They called my name, I went up and when I turned around someone threw their arms around my neck and hugged me so tight! It was Kevin..he was so proud of me, that HIS staff was being honored and it just thrilled my heart. In a day when we have to literally fight for recognition for a job well done at work, or in life in general, Kevin was there to make me feel like a million bucks!

If you have never worked with the mentally or physically handicapped you should. There is NOTHING like it!! Now we are on to track and field starting Saturday. Kevin will be running and doing the softball toss and Julie will be fast walking and doing the soft ball toss. They get exercise and the field events garner ribbons. They have the different groups from around the state march in just like in the Olympics. Last year Kevin took 2nd twice and Julie got a 1st and 2nd!! I was so proud of them.

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