Thursday, March 27, 2008

Here goes!

I am going to attempt to put a pic in my message. I have never done this before so it will be interesting. Well I see it has worked! These pics are of what was supposed to be a March!! This was nothing compared to the one in 1978 but for some reason the weather people seem to thing otherwise.
The picture out the back patio door shows how deep my backyard got and this was only one snowfall. The pic looking at my neighbors house is actually our street. To the right side of the pic is the field across the street. It is a huge field and in the fall after the harvest mice scurry across the streat to try to get in my garage! In the winter it just drifts into my yard and driveway. We live two houses from the nearest intersection and people are continually getting stuck in it using our drive to turn around!
This particular snow, the streets were never plowed until late morning and we were stuck here. The odd thing with this snow is that by noon the next day it was almost gone!!! Weird feeling but hey we are in March and it's almost Spring!

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