Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What good is a coupon if the stuff isn't there?

After receiving the Cuttlebug for Valentine's Day I was excited to see that Michael's and Hobby Lobby both had a 40 % off coupon that next week. Visions of a carrying case and new dies and folders were floating around in my head and I couldn't wait to get there. Of course I was not able to get there and the sale went off.

Imagine my joy when Michael's sent me an email with, you guessed it, another 40% off coupon! So I picked up my last client of the day and we headed there to get the carrying case for the Cuttlebug! We arrived and started looking at the paper...wait did I say we looked at the paper? Well that is not quite true since more than half of their racks were completely EMPTY!!

So I went in search of the carrying case...NO CARRYING CASE!!! I'm thinking "for crying out I not supposed to spend this Christmas check that I just found from my mother???"

I know..I'll buy some Cuttlebug dies and folders.....WRONG!!! Nearly 3/4 of the posts were EMPTY!! "What the heck is going on here??? Is this not one of the largest suppliers of scrapbooking supplies?" Well, I guess least not at my local store. I finally scrounged up a sales person who tells me that they are completely redoing the paper section and scrapbooking section of the store and they have not been receiving merchandise for several weeks so they don't have to move it when the actual revamping takes place..

I guess I should be happy that NEW stuff is coming and there will be more to choose from but what is a scrapper to do in the mean time??? And what about my 40 % off coupon? Now you know as well as I do that they won't be running that coupon in the projected two weeks that the sales person gave me for the remodel to be finished!!!

Alas...I guess I am just supposed to hold on to my money..(what fun is that?) But then maybe, just maybe there will be some really cute stuff come in and I will be happier with that purchase, except..I still need the carrying case for my Cuttlebug.....In all honesty I guess I don't really NEED it but I WANT it!!!

I think I am going to go to bed and POUT!!!

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