Monday, February 16, 2009

Prayer works!!

Some people think that to ask God to help find small items, such as keys, an earring, a piece of get the not a good thing to do. I mean God has a huge job on his hands dealing with this world and it's sin and evil..Why would he want to take time for something so insignificant in the realm of things?

Well, I am here to tell you that God is a Father and like most fathers He loves his children and He knows that it's the little things that generally put us over the edge. So when I asked my cyber friends to pray that I would find my power cord to my Cricut, so I didn't have to spend that extra $40 + , I knew that we would find the cord. I asked Him to lead us to it.

While at my DD's today I saw the cord to her Expression. At first I thought it might be mine and that I had truly left it at her home but quickly realized that it was hers not mine. What I didn't realize during all this time of hunting for the cord was that it had a black box attached to it. The cord that went into the Cricut also went into this black box and then a cord came out the other side and plugged into the electrical outlet. ALl this time I have been looking for just a straight cord with an unusual plug that went into the unit. I came home and was telling DH and he said he had seen it but couldn't remember where.

Well, about 2 hours later he came into the bedroom carrying the CORD!!! PTL!!! So God is good and I am one happy camper!! Thanks to all who interceded on my behalf.

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