Sunday, February 15, 2009

Power cord, power cord..Oh where is my power cord?

If it is not one thing it is another!! I finally brought my Cricut home from Katie's and now I can't find the power cord. We have torn her place apart but the fact remains I know I had it with me. Bless her heart she tried to get me to let her remove it from the machine and then package it for me and I refused because I was going to bring it straight into the house..which I did. But now I can not find it...I have looked all through my car and I am tearing my bedroom up trying to find the little sucker!

To replace it is $39 plus tax/shipping/handling! Unbelievable!! Here I am trying to get ready for retreat and I know sure as I am sitting here that as soon as I order the cord I will find the one that is here!

Then I tried to upload some pics to this blog and my printer is saying it is not compatible which means I need to remove the program and reinstall but guess what? Oh you guys are good! You are absolutely right! I can't find the disc!!! It amazes me that it can set in one spot forever until you need it and then it is gone! LOL!

Oh well, looks like I am going to have a clean house by the time I find this stuff!!!

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