Saturday, February 14, 2009

7 Robins!!!

I was leaving for the Valentine Party for my clients this afternoon and as I was walking to my car there were seven birds flying in and around my flowering crab apple tree. I knew they were hungry and that the wind storm the other night had completely emptied our two feeders. I was thinking how unfortunate it was that I am ALWAYS running late or I could have taken a few minutes to fill them so the birds wouldn't have to hunt for food.

Suddenly I stopped in my tracks!!!! My mind connected with the fact that those seven lovely birds were big fat ROBINS!!!!! Do you know what that means here in Ohio?????

SPRING!!!!!!! Oh my word!!! It is on it's way and I will once again be able to shake the dreaded "Seasonal Anxiety Disorder"!!!!!! Winter is so hard on me any more...I just want to lay down and not get up until the sun starts shining and now in just a few short weeks I will have my sunshine again!!! I can't help it and I pray often for the Lord to forgive me for the way I feel about winter because He created it and I know that there are actually places that do not receive the snow, ice ,sleet and slush! LOL! However, each winter it gets more difficult for me to deal with it. This winter was my revelation year when I realized that I have lost all muscle mass in my butt!

I remember when my aunt used to back up to the campfire trying to warm her hiney and now I know why! NO MUSCLE MASS!!! to keep us warm. I am hoping that as Spring emerges that it will entice me to get up, get out and get busy on rebuilding that muscle and reduce this fat!

I was at the mixer this evening and watching all the clients who are mentally and physically challenged actually dance better than I could ever dream of dancing and I said to Katie, my DD who has clients she brings too, that I just wish I could lose enough weight so that before I die I could look good while I was dancing sinful!!! LOL!!! Am I sick or what? LOL!!! I have all kinds of rhythm but can not figure how to make it move in the correct direction!!! Oh well, at least today I am laughing and I have HOPE! Hope for Spring, hope that I will finally find a way to motivate myself to drop some weight and be able to dance and not feel like a spectacle!!

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