Sunday, February 1, 2009

28 years ago....

For 10 years after Jim and I married I was told I would never have any children, not by just one doctor but by three! We had put our name on an adoption list and waited and waited and we just decided to move from Cincinnati, where Jim grew up, to Springfield where I grew up and close to my parents . Jim had lost both of his parents four years apart so he felt that he wanted to be close to my family too.
We bought a home from a couple who was to be our neighbors since they built a new home behind us. Sharon had gone to an infertility specialist in Dayton and referred me. I had actually put it off because I didn't want yet another doctor to tell me I could not have children.
Ironically, after I went, Dr. Moritz read my reports, did a couple of tests and said "You will be pregnant in five months! Five months later I was pregnant! And Feb 1, 1981 Lucas James Rayburn, first boy in the family in 28 years, was born. The hospital was alive with family members who were so happy that we were finally having a baby but even more because he was a boy! The hospital employees said they could not remember the last time they had a family so excited over the birth of a baby.
Ironically, that baby who was the first boy in 28 years turned 28 today! And has a son of his own! I can not even begin to explain the joy I felt and feel. God was good to me and I thank him daily for my kids.

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