Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wow!! It's been a week since I was here last!

Not a lot of scrapping going birds are all gone..hmmm.. Well, I have been working some in my yard. My neighbor has a wonderful yard that looks like a park! I always feel so bad for her because she blesses me each and every day with all that beauty and then she looks over here and sees weeds and only green!

Well, after 3 years I think it is, we finally planted some shrubs to replace the ones we took out in the front, Jim bought the most gorgeous Angel Wing Begonias that are absolutely huge!! and we planted them between the shrubs. Unfortunately they are annuals but will help this year and then maybe next year we can plant some perennials.

While walking my clients dog each day I travel behind a discount department store and they had these racks out back that had dead and half dead plants in them. It was so hard for me to watch them just die so for many days I just watered them.. Now how silly is that?? Watering plants that are just going to be tossed into a trash pile.

Then there were several days where it was obvious that kids were having a field day throwing them against the building to watch the dirt splatter all over the place. Well, I finally couldn't help myself and I brought home 5 Garden Mums and a couple of perennials that were hanging on for dear life. Is that wrong? I mean they had trashed them..there was no way anyone was going to buy them, that is why they took them out behind the building.

Well, I planted them and they seem to be doing well, I have an old wagon wheel that really should be trashed itself. I mean it gives a whole new meaning to rustic! LOL! But I planted the Garden Mums and a few spikey type plants that my client gave me. When they get over transplant shock and start growing I will take some pics.

We live on top of a limestone bed and when they dug to build this house in 1970 they hit a huge rock and it has honor in our yard.. After planting my mom's Wave Petunias that I got her for Mother's Day there were some left over so she had me bring them home and I planted them in the front of the rock. I had also purchased some orange Zinnias for myself, (my grandpa's favorite flower) and I planted them in the back so they will grow tall and there will be so much color there! I really can't wait.

On the side of my house I have Railroad Lilies that were beginning to be taken over by thistles and then I have Black-Eyed Susans that Jim tried to kill thinking they were weeds!!! MEN!
I was able to save most of them and I pulled all the weeds from both beds and have been watering every day. I have Snow on the Mountain in front of my front porch and it is going strong too.

So in a few weeks when everything has taken hold I will post some pics, but I am really excited to see the growth and the color in front and on the side of my house!!

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