Thursday, April 9, 2009

I heard the heartbeat!!!

Luke called me from the doctors office and said.."I want you to hear something." Then he put the phone up to the heartbeat of the baby!!!! Suddenly it became real! Monica is 10 weeks with a due date of November 5.. If she comes early, say October 31st the baby will be born on Katie's birthday and Kate told Luke that if it is a girl the middle name has to be Kate... He said ok...Now I don't know how Monica will feel about that..we will just have to wait and see..

I am so excited. He said they did an ultra sound and they could see the head, heart and upper arms formed already! What a miracle!!

Monica has waited to tell her family until Sunday because they are going to her family for Easter to celebrate Nolan and his cousins birthday. They are going to have him walk in with a shirt that reads Big's the problem...while they were at the doctors today..Nolan told his aunt Teresa that mommy had a baby in her belly and it is going to get THIS big! (hands out in front of him showing how large her belly is going to be!) So Aunt Teresa called Luke to inquire and said Nolan was talking about babies. Luke reassured her that he was probably talking about his stuffed animals that he called his babies. Not buying that she kept pushing but Luke was able to kinda blow it off and buy them some time until Sunday but I am sure they are all whispering their suspicions!! LOL!!

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