Sunday, April 19, 2009

Annie went to prom with Stephen on the left here and one of her close friends, Jake is on the right. Stephen is her BFF and they went to his prom at Shawnee where Annie used to go her freshman and part of her sophomore year. They will be going to her prom at Greenon May 2 so that means a different dress of course! LOL!! But I love this lime and Steve's tie and vest matched perfectly!
I love this picture of the back of her dress and her hair! She tanned of course but this color was just so pretty on her and I love the soft curls.

Proud papa! We have a pose just like this from every dance that Annie has attended!! Too funny!

OK, I absolutely LOVE everything about this picture! From the color of the dress, the perfect corsage that Stephen picked out for her to her nails! Are those not fun??? I don't know if you can click on these to get a close up or not but the guy did a fabulous job with the artwork on these nails!.. The band on her finger was my MIL's wedding ring. Even tho my SIL has a daughter and granddaughter, she wanted Annie to have the ring. It made her feel so special and she cherishes it.
They looked so good together! Steve's mom really wants them to end up together, she would love to have Annie for a DIL but there is still to much time for school and college and I think they are both afraid that a relationship would ruin the friendship they have. It just gave me comfort to know that she was with him and I didn't have any of the normal worries a mom has on prom night..if ya know what I mean.....

I don't think there is a girl anywhere that knows how to properly put a boutonniere on a guy! It was so funny watching her and the other girls pin these on only to have them fall forward or sideways! LOL!! But I came to the rescue and fixed them for them. So this is actually a staged picture!! LOL!!

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