Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What a treat Easter was this year! Both Eli and Nolan were old enough to enjoy the egg hunt and their baskets...They are sitting on this huge rock in our side yard. It actually came from the ground here when they excavated to build this house so it has been there for 45 years! The boys were rushing to get outside to find the eggs so we just grabbed Julie's basket for Eli! lol I have to tell you that I absolutely love these little guys. They keep me going. Nolan will be 3 years old on the 20Th of this month...doesn't seem possible. And then Eli will be 3 on August 11.

These guys are so different from each other but that is what makes them so special.

I made sure all the kids had baskets this year even tho they were way past the age of normal for getting a basket.. Last year had it's problems and I swore that it would not happen again. I took time to make sure that the older "kids" got things they liked individually. I gave Monica a box of Jelly Belly beans, an Easter themed dish towel, Katie got the Roche chocolates and a dish towel, Alan got a box of Pot of Gold, Luke got Black jelly beans and No-Bake cookies and Annie got a Dove solid chocolate bunny. Along with all of that they all got Reese's eggs, Cadbury eggs, M & M's and a host of other smaller candies. I was pleased with what I did for them.

Next thing I know..Kate is asking why I always get Monica dishtowels or cookie cutters but not her! I told her she needed to check her basket before talking! lol Then she is asking why Luke was the only one to get the black jelly beans because she liked them too. All of a sudden Luke and Alan are tossing the Cadbury eggs and Reese's eggs back and forth because Luke liked the Reese's and Alan liked the Cadbury's!!! Unbelievable! The youngest participating in this swap was 25 years old!!!! I told them next year I was just going to buy the stuff, spread it on the kitchen table and they could just "have at it" !!!!

All in all it was ok tho because we were all together.. My folks came over and we sat down to a pretty nice dinner and fellowship. Monica was passing around the ultra sound for the baby and that made it special too! We did all of this on Saturday so I was able to go to church on Sunday and then just come home and relax and enjoy the day. Hope your Easter was as fun and fulfilling as mine.

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