Monday, April 27, 2009

Great weekend!

Saturday was the first track meet of the season for our area Special Olympics. We had wonderful but breezy so we didn't die from the heat. Ju-Ju did her fast walk and actually came in last out of five but received a 2ND place ribbon because three other athletes either crossed over into someone else's lane or they ran instead of walking fast causing them to become disqualified. She also took 3rd in the softball throw for her age group.

Kevin got fifth out of five in his 100 meter dash but I have to tell you this group was tough! Kevin ran so hard and stayed in his lane but the other four were just a tad faster. They all just about crossed the finish line at the same time. He then got 2ND place in his group for the softball throw. This was Kevin's third year and he really enjoys it.

Robert is my new client and he is 31 and very, very tall but with his conditions he just has to be coerced into doing things. He has been on our SO bowling team for the last three years so he is kinda partial to me. Recently he qualified for a waiver that allowed him to have staff 5 hours a week and they requested me. I was pleased. Anyway, he won't do a lot for his parents even if they are encouraging but he seems to want to please me. Now this guy does not like large groups of people, the heat, standing or sitting for long periods of time but Saturday he hung in there like a trooper and I was so proud of him! Unfortunately he was disqualified for crossing over into someone else's lane even tho we practiced and practiced this. He did take 3rd in his division for the softball throw! I was afraid that after all of this he would not want to continue the season and compete in the next meet in three weeks, but he and his parents all seemed to be very happy with the day. So it is going to be practice, practice, Practice for the next few weeks until the next meet .

This evening we all headed out to my son's church. He lives about an hour from here..I loaded my parents up and Annie rode with Kate and Eli and the Ju-Ju and we went to watch him get baptised!! Dad was able to get there after umpiring a ball game. What a treat for THIS mother!! He recently gave his heart to the Lord and is really on fire. Before that took place tho, my Katie sang two songs again in their singspiration night and once again got a standing ovation! God has really given her a gift of voice! They love to have her come down and sing. Of course I got to spend some time with my grandsons..always love that!!! Oh and Luke and Monica finally gave me a 3 year picture to put on the wall! We didn't get a two year pic but I guess I can forgive them for that now that I have this one...tee hee!

So all in all it was a very good weekend for me but I have to admit I am shot and ready for bed!
I was so busy putting sunscreen on the athletes that I forgot to put any on myself and the back of my neck is burnt and itching!!! So I need to find some Aloe soon! LOL!! Thanks for letting me share!

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