Monday, August 22, 2011

Like mother like daughter!

On August 11th I had gall bladder surgery and for the last two weeks my daughter, Katie, has been in and out of three different hospitals trying to find out what was wrong with her and they determined it was her gall bladder as well!
She arrived at the hospital this morning at 11:30 AM and they did not take her back to surgery until 6PM!  Then it was not until 9PM that she was taken to a room because she does not come out of anesthesia well and it was so late they did not want to send her home..I finally left at 10:45 PM and now here I am trying to unwind from all of this..
She did well otherwise and now in a couple of days she should be feeling much better and my life will become more of my own and I can get busy posting again.
I was able to work some today tho .  I work for the developmentally disabled and I have two gentlemen clients who love to scrapbook.  We do alot of activities and I am always taking pictures for them..I use alot of my stash stuff so it helps me keep it at a minimum, but don't ask me how I determine minimum!!  LOL
Anyway, we did the first page and then I remembered that I have dozens of color kits that I received from swaps that I had been in a while back..I was able to match three layouts to kits I had and I felt really good about using them..These layouts are more simplistic than I do for myself but they are still very nice layouts for the guys and they do their photos justice.
Since I spent so much time at the hospital and didn't get home till late I do not have the pics of  the layouts to post but tomorrow I will make time and get them posted to get your viewpoints on them..  So please stop back by...thanks

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