Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Layouts as promised

Yesterday , my client and I scrapped some of his pictures for his album..It had been a while since we had done any and we had a 5 hour time frame to work with so I brought him to my house..much easier than carrying all that stuff with me, and we got started.  The first layout.."Arrested"..we did from scratch using a Page Map and changing it up a bit..then I got to thinking...I use all of my supplies and  stash to do his pages because there is no extra money for him...Now I am like every other scrapper and I share my stuff with delight if it helps someone achieve what they are hoping for and Heaven only knows I do have ALOT of stash but still, if I do this alot it does end up costing me..

A few years ago I was kinda hot and heavy in to color kit swaps..If you do not know what that is..each month a color is selected and the participants make a kit of photo mats, title or border, tags, deco squares etc..put them in a baggie and like most swaps are sent to the hostess and she divvys them up and sends you back kits from the other participants.  It's fun because you see all kind of new ideas and a lot of times it helps stir up your mojo.  So as I was helping Kevin I started thinking about all of those kits I have in a box and thought.."Why not?"  So the last three layouts are kits..his pages are more simplistic than mine but he likes them and he does have a great scrapbook....When we scrap, my clients make all the decisions..IE  they choose the colors, placement and they apply the adhesive, when we use my QuicKuts they use the hand tool.. So while I am assisting the layouts are theirs..Sometimes I do not agree with papers or colors but again they are their albums.  Kevin chose the kits he wanted to use .. So here are the layouts..

During the Memorial Day parade in 2010 and officer walked by..Julie, my little Down's lady who I am legal guardian of is a sucker for a uniform so I approached the officer and asked him if he could play for a minute and put them in handcuffs so I could take pictures for their  Surprisingly he obliged me but said he would not secure them ..just lay them around their wrists...I can not tell you how much fun they had with this..I will upload the Ju-Ju's picture soon but I wanted this post to be about Kevin's layouts..

This is his mom and his great niece..The "J" is all chipboard with silver glitter .  These elements are from one of the kits

I like for my clients to do at least one community service project a month..They have so much given to them because of their disabilities that I feel they should understand giving back  a little..This particular day we had dropped off another client after our bowling league and we stopped by my parents home.  Mom frets when the snow is on the driveway so my guys got out the shovels and started clearing it.  It was just a powder snow but it was about 6 inches deep.  They did a great job and Mom ended up paying them a little so all parties were happy!

For some reason our 4th layout didn't upload and I have to get to work so I will try to upload it later..


Esther said...

Awesome layouts!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing them Vicki....:)

scrappinC said...

Wonderful layout. Love all of the colors.
Cindy Lou

PurpleFuntastick Creations said...

Wonderful LOs thanks for sharing them Vicki..and I became a follower of your blog now...hehe..about time huh?...can't wait to see what else you do! You go girl! :)

SueNJ said...

Oh this is just too wonderful. I can tell what a blessing you are! :) Thanks for sharing these awesome layouts. Hope you are feeling well.

Happy Scrappin'

Sue B

Patricia said...

Thank you for visiting me over the weekend on the blog hop, I have returned the favor and I am now following you to, I look forward to seeing your creations.
Patty's Crafty Spot