Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat OU style!

As most know, my Annie Leigh is attending Ohio University, long known for the big Halloween Bash..
The first thing people say when I tell them she is going to OU is how much it is a party school and I shouldn't let her go there.
Here is my reply: Drinking happens on every campus. I have taught her about the dangers of drinking from the easy addiction to the possibility of date rape from having her drink spiked with the drug. Annie knows the history of alcoholism on both sides of her family. She is however basically on her own down there. So I just pray that she will have the strength to not cave in to pier pressure. And mostly I trust her..
But to get back to my purpose for posting this pic other than I think she is so darned cute...The Halloween Bash was this past weekend and this is how she went. He nephew Eli loves Thomas the Train and Annie wears it well, if I do say so myself! As far as I know, OU didn't make much of a headline this year. Didn't get any email from OU explaining any occurrences..The fact of the matter is that when OU came in high in the party schools poll the reporters failed to mention that only 1%-2% of the student body had been polled. Now there is some accuracy for ya!
Some say I am burying my head in the sand but I say, I love my daughter, she has a good head on her shoulders and quite frankly I think Ohio University is a great place to go to school..

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