Monday, November 22, 2010


It has been since the 6th of November since I posted here and that was to do a journal with others on a group. I have since left that group and asked if I could still get the journal topics each day receiving no answer nor the topics.

I don't do tutorials or blog hop events and half the time don't even post so why keep the blog? It is fun to show off my gsons and my kids but visits to my blog are rare. Let's face it ..I'm not entertaining. I'm not creative, I don't have much time except to work and take care of home so scrapbooking is falling away as fast as friends are.

I guess I am my own worse enemy. I try to treat others well, put them first, help them out..but apparently I am falling short. I've made my share of mistakes, never claimed to be perfect. But you just can't make someone care..And I wouldn't want it that way.

Sometimes I wish that I believed in reincarnation because then I could at least have hope that the next life would be better or maybe the next time around it wouldn't matter so much.

No more first moves for me..If someone finds me valuable enough they will make the first move..I'm really tired of being friends on everyone else's timetable and conditions.

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