Thursday, November 4, 2010

Esther's Journal Jar Day 4


Do you do anything to help the needy? and if so, explain some things you do

I not only help the "needy" but I help anyone I can who has a "need". I believe that I was put here to serve others and I spend much of my time doing that. One service I provide is to the people who stand with signs asking for money or those who appear to be homeless. God and I have an understanding that at any time someone approaches me or if I am on a ramp at a red light just off the highway and someone has a sign, that I will give them $5. It is not much but it could buy them a meal or put gas in their car. I get chastised for doing it because most people think the person will run to the nearest place to buy alcohol..(like every homeless person is a drunk!) Well God and I talked about that and it was determined that if they did they were the ones who would be held accountable for that, not me. I would have done my part and God would bless my giving..Somewhere down the line when I am in need He will put someone in my path to help me.

We have one gentleman in town who has been homeless for many years. Some say it is his choice and maybe it is but I have been known to head to Wendy's on the cold snowy days and get him a hot bowl of chili, sandwich, fries and a coffee and coke..I always ask him if he would like to have it and if he minds that I did it because I don't want to step on his pride.

I am known for finding items that people need like sofas, beds, desks, dishes, you name it..Robert and I have volunteered to work at the local Free Store and we get items to help others in bad weather or for the holidays.

Probably the biggest thing I have done is brought Julie into our home after she and her mom ran out of money. She has a sister who lives in Florida but if Julie would have moved there she would have lost so many benefits here. Julie has Downs Syndrome and is 50 years old and has worked at a place called TAC Industries for 29 years. This has allowed her much socialization, a small paycheck but opened doors to many programs that help with her medical and everyday living expenses. Now in all honesty we do get the Railroad Retirement that comes from her father's account but it all goes into meeting her needs. It takes alot of money to help Developmentally Disabled people. But while with me she has learned how to walk up and down stairs, walk across the grass with out the fear of falling. She now gets her hair combed daily and bathes more than twice a week (the assisted living center said they did not have time to do her hair before she left for work because of all the other residents needing help. Julie dressed herself and went to breakfast on her own with uncombed hair!) She has competed in Special Olympics Bowling, Track and Field and attends dances and movies, gets her nails done each week and various other activities, none of which she did before coming here. I am officially Julie's legal guardian. :)

As I read this it sounds to me like I am tooting my own horn and I am very uncomfortable with that. I do what I do because God expects it but also because I absolutely get more out of it than the people I help..It is such a blessing to see someone who has a need get it fulfilled because I was able to help. You asked for examples and here they are..

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