Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1

Esther's journal box... Everything happens for a reason, right?

I have to say NO..While there are many things that happen for a reason by no means does EVERYTHING. When we are born God gives us a free will to do what ever we choose. He does not make us do anything..Because of that many things happen just because someone makes a bad decision. Sadly, often times, many people get hurt through no fault of their own.

Often we set ourselves back, cost ourselves money, lose out just because we didn't think things through..In other words ,everything has a consequence and we need to think what that might be before we make our move or open our mouth.

Others hurt us through THEIR lack of reasoning things out first.

I don't believe it is for a reason that people get raped or beaten or murdered. What I do believe is that it is up to us to CHOOSE to make good out of bad or evil. To learn from it and to help others through it..For ME , that means that I need to keep a close relationship with God because sometimes it just doesn't make sense for a very long time and may not ever make sense this side of Heaven. That is when I will lean on His everlasting arms like He asks me to through the scripture.

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