Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hey all

Been a while since I have been here..I have removed my self from blog hops for a while..They are very addictive and I had a few bad experiences so I am giving myself some time to recoup and get rid of the negativity that is surrounding me right now.  Plus I have alot on my plate and I need to get some stuff caught up not to mention the time I was spending hopping I could have completed quite a few layouts!

I got through Thanksgiving..Cooked a really good meal and got everyone full and sleepy!  :)  Did the Black Friday scene and had a great time with my girls.  Didn't really have much in mind that I wanted to buy but we have done Black Friday for years and thoroughly enjoy it so we went out anyway.  Katie was able to buy the Eli-boy a $75 winter coat for only $15!!!!!!  His favorite color too!  Annie got herself a new was advertised and it was the only ONE they had..I don't like that..if you are going to advertise then have the items there..She was the fortunate one to get it tho so it will be an asset for her when she returns to Ohio University after new year..  I bought the DH a new 32 " TV at Walmart for $188!!  SHHHHH!!  Don't tell him tho..He thinks I couldn't get it..I was shocked that I did..I figured they would only have about 8-10 of them but they actually had 150!!  I was number 109!!

Spent today doing laundry and I do mean I did a lot of laundry!!  Cleaning my room and purging much stuff..Where does it all come from??  Posted some items to Craig's List so hopefully I will be getting some emails soon from those who just HAVE to have this stuff!!  Now it is 12:06 Am and I am off to bed..Much to do tomorrow.  Going to work on the Christmas tree and then we have the Hanging of the Greens tomorrow night at church.  Take care everyone!

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