Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog Winners!!! Four of them!!

Ok..I believe I have announced two of my winners previously but since I am just getting the packages mailed out I will post again along with the two new winners..I am sincerely sorry for the delay..To much sickness, hospitalizations, surgeries and a trip out of state..Hopefully when you receive your packages it will help you forget the delay.. I am vowing to send the upcoming ones out on time..  Now on to the announcement!

For the Faith Verse Hop  originally posted, the winner..Edwina B.
Next was the 9-11 Remembrance Blog Hop and the winner is Cathy D.
The All About Fall winner is  Smyiow  and the
Last winner from the First Day of Autumn hop is  Ashley - proudusmcwife

If  Ashley or Smyiow sees your name here please contact me at with your snail mail addy so I can get your package in the mail. If you know these gals please ask them to contact me.  I will be sending an email to them as well.  Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding as I went through a really rough month in August and first of September.  Blog hopping is new to me and I am loving it but still have alot to learn..

Oh and Carrie!  I will getting your candy together for being my 100th person to my blog..I need your addy too.

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Cathy said...

You are forgiven, my crafty friend:)